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   Situated in the northwest Yunnan Hengduan Mountains on the southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, 709 kilometers from Kunming, Shangri-la means ‘the sun and the moon in the heart’ in Tibetan, referring to a place of idyllic beauty. As a loanword it appeared first in 1933 in the novel ‘The Lost Horizon’ by a British writer, James Hilton. The book sold very well after its publication. Ti was especially popular after the Hollywood shot a film of it, whose popular theme song ‘This Beautiful place Shangri-la’ helped ‘Shangri-la’ become better known. Within Shangri-la, there are magnificent sights such as: Three Parallel lowing Rivers, the world-famous Gorge, the highest peak in Yunnan, Buddhist Temples and lamaseries, the birthplace of Dongba culture, and many other wonderful scenes. There are also a national nature reserve, three provincial reserves, and a historic and cultural relic under national protection. For the people who have sought for Shangri-la tens of years, the good news is at present most sights open to tourists. But they are mainly within Diqing Tibet Autonomous Prefecture.
   Shangri-la scene
   Shangri-la route
Highlights: Stone Forest, Kunming Lijiang and the Naxi Minority Enjoy the Tiger Leaping Gorge step by step Haba Snow Mountain White Water Terrace, The holy site of the Naxi Tibetan’s life at Shangri-la

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Thu, 30 Jun 2011 00:00:00 GMT   Patrick    said:
To Paul, the mcgallery hotel give me your name. I would like to go on holidays in China in august. My geography is terrible... I would like to see beautifull paysages, mountains... but to stay in the same hotel during about one week. I want something very quiet. Can you do something for me?!! I will be in hong kong in the begining of august, so I would like to do my trip beetwen (approximately) 10/08/11 and 18/08/11 .
Thu, 30 Jun 2011 00:00:00 GMT   Administrator   replied:
From the administrator: Dear Sir/Madam: welcome to YunnanRoad Travel Company. we do not want to mislead you, Paul is not one of us, which means you may find the wrong address. but we still can provide you the tour and all arrangement about Yunnan, for this is the website for one of the biggest Overseas Inbound travel company of Yunnan. It will be very happy with honor for us if you ever want to try our company. for more infomation, please kindly contact us via E-mail : we are looking forward to hear from you
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