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   Day by Day Itinerary
Duration: 10    


10 days/9 nights Beijing/Xi’an/Shanghai tours

Tour Code: CE-01




If you want know what is the past China likes, come to Xi’an, if you want to know what present China is like, come to Beijing, if you want know what China in the future like, come to Shanghai. Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, is the golden triangles Cities for one to understand this central Kingdom from the past to the future.




DAY 01 Beijing Arrival         


Main Activities: Meet at the airport,

Your own arrangement to adjust the time lag

Meals: -/-/-

Hotels: Hotel in Beijing

Transportation: automobile




       Beijing is the capital city of People’s Republic of China, and was the capital city of Ming Dynasty (1368~1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644~1911). It is now the center of politics, culture and economy of China.

       Covered about 16000 square kilometers, this city now has about 170 million as the population.


DAY 02 Beijing


Main Activities: Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

                            Summer Palace

Meals: B/L/D (Beijing Duck will be served as dinner)

Hotels: Hotel in Beijing

Transportation: automobile



Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City


       Tiananmen was the front gate of the Forbidden City of Ming & Qing Dynasties. It was first built in 1420 by the 2nd emperor of Ming.

       In 1st October, 1949, People’s Republic of China’s ceremony of establishment holds here, made Tiananmen Square the most important antique and place in China

Forbidden City is the residential and office for the emperors, was built in 1400s, is now the biggest and most perfect protect wooden construction in the world.


Summer Palace


       The Summer Palace is the biggest imperial garden in China. Different from the private family garden in Shanghai or Suzhou, this garden reflected the royalty of the imperials in all details.


DAY 04 Beijing


Main Activities: Visit the Great Wall

                            Visit the Ming Tombs

Meals: B/L/D

Hotels: Hotel in Beijing

Transportation: automobile



The Great Wall


       First thing come to your mind when people mentioned about China, The Great Wall is one of the 7th Wonder in the world.

       From 2200 years ago, in order to defend the attack from the Nomads in north China, kings started to built the wall, and until Ming Dynasty (400 years ago), many emperors never stop fixing and extending this wall.

       Now the Great Wall we can see was mainly built in Ming Dynasty, come from Jiayuguan, Gansu Province to Yalujiang, Liaoning Province with 8851.8 kilometers long.

       There is a saying: one can never declare to be a hero himself without climb up to the Great Wall. So, be a hero, hit the wall.


The Ming Tombs


       The Ming Tombs situated in the northwest of Beijing, it is about 50 kilometers away from Beijing.

       This is the site for the Ming Emperors back then, since it started to be used in 1409 AD, here has buried 13 emperors, 7 concubines and 1 eunuch of the Ming Dynasty.


DAY 04 Beijing-Xi’an


Main Activities: Temple of Heaven

Hutong Area Visit

Overnight train to Xi’an [11 hours]

Meals: B/L/D

Hotels: overnight train compartment

Transportation: automobile, train



Temple of Heaven


       Chinese people believes, of all matters in the world, there is always a god or immortal-in-control behind, god of heaven, god of earth, god of plants, god of kitchen, etc. You are supposed to respect the nature and all matters, because if you don’t respect god behind them will raise revenge.

       Temple of Heaven was once the palace that built for the sacrificing ceremony of the God of heaven and harvest as well.

Qinian Temple, the essence of this temple, use to be the main site for the ceremony, and also been considered as the wonder of the Chinese architecture history.

Hutong Area


       Hutong is how the Beijing people call the small alley, it use to be the most popular residential area for the Beijing people. There is a saying; you will never be qualified of being a real Beijingnese without the Hutong life. Hutong in Beijing is where the culture and traditions of Beijing comes from.

       Hutong area gives you a real and good chance to get closer to this ordinary but 100 percent true Chinese and their life.


DAY 05 Xi’an Arrivals


Main Activities: Meet at Xi’an Train Station in the morning

Shanxi Provincial Museum after breakfast at hotel

Wild Goose Pagoda

Muslim Street

Meals: B/L/D (dinner with Dumpling Banquet)

Hotels: Hotel in Xi’an

Transportation: automobile




       Xi’an is the capital city of Shanxi Province, located in the center of China. With the population about 8 million, Xi’an ranked the 1st place of the most popular capital city in Chinese history: there are about 11 kingdoms or dynasties in different period that take Xi’an as the capital city.

       Now, Xi’an is also the center of economy, culture and art to the northwest China.


Shanxi Provincial Historical Museum


       Shanxi Provincial Historical Museum located in the city of Xi’an, was built in 1983, officially opened in 1991, it can present you a panoramic understanding of this place from the pre-history to today.

       With a total exhibition area of 11000 square meters, there are 370,000 piece been stored by the museum.

       Served as capital cities of at least 11 governments, there must be something to see in this museum.


Wild Goose Pagoda


       Buddhism was found in India and come to China in Tang Dynasty along the Silk- Road, along with the scripture, Buddhist construction has been accepted by the Chinese and started to mix with their own way of construction.

       ‘Ta’ is the Chinese translation of ‘Pagoda’: a Buddhist construction for the tomb of the great mater and storage for the precious scripture.

       Wild Goose Pagoda was built in 652 AD by a great master of Chinese monk for the purpose of store the classic scripture.

       It is about 64.5 meters with 7 layers, now, along the pagoda, a nice park was built, and this has become a famous tourist place in Xi’an.


Muslim Street


       There is a Chinese name for the Chinese Muslim: the Hui Minority, they mainly scattered in Shanxi Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and other northwest China.

       At Muslim Street, you will see almost all the Muslim food in Xi’an, and the biggest Mosque in Xi’an.


DAY 06 Xi’an

Main Activities: Terra Cotta Warriors

Visit the City Wall of Xi’an that left from Ming Dynasty

Enjoy Tang Dynasty Palace Dance and Music Show

Meals: B/L/D

Hotels: Hotel in Xi’an

Transportation: automobile



Terra Cotta Warriors


       Terra Cotta Warrior situated in Lingtong County, about 30 km away from Xi’an, and been discovered in early 1970s.

In 220 BC, emperor QinShihuang established Qin Kingdom after he defeated the rest of the 6 kingdoms, which was the first united kingdom in this land, he did not just united this place, but also the currency, measurements and language etc.

       The Terra Cotta Warriors is actually his tomb, for the believing of the existence of another world, he ordered to build troops by clay and to protect him forever and ever.

       Now, since the technology cannot reach to request, which made majority of the colorful pottery figures discoloring, so now only part of them been unearthed and exhibited in the Tombs of Emperor Qinshihuang.


City Wall of Xi’an


       Xi’an City Wall was built in Ming Dynasty, which is about 400 years ago. It now situated in the city center, a square shape with 12 meters high, 18 meters wide at the bottom and 15 meters wide on the top.

Four gates with totally 11.9 kilometers, Xi’an City Wall is now the most perfect protect ancient city wall in China.


Tang Dynasty Palace Music & Dance Show


Tang Dynasty was the strongest kingdom, or Dynasty, in the Chinese history in terms of all aspects. Served as the capital city of the big kingdom, Xi’an was then no doubt the center of the world.

For the strong and wealthy kingdoms that the Great Tang Dynasty is, all the amusements for the Royal Family are all extremely luxury, beautiful and delicates. On this show, you will not just get to know what was the music and dance looks like from 1400 years ago, but also customs, etiquette and art of costumes 


DAY 07 Xi’an/Shanghai


Main Activities: Fly from Xi’an to Shanghai in the morning

Visit the Bund and Nanjing Road upon arrival

Enjoy the Acrobatic Show in the evening

Meals: B/L/D

Hotels: Hotel in Shanghai

Transportation: Airplane, automobile




       Populated 190 millions, Shanghai is the most prosperous city and one of the 7th Municipality Directly Under The Central Government in mainland China. Served as the financial center, trade center and shipping center of China, this dynamic city unclose the bright future of China.


The Bund & Nanjing Road


       The Bund located in the city center of Shanghai, along the Huangpu River (sub branch of Yangtse River), it is also been called 1st of Zhongshandong Lu, with 1.5 kilometers long, this area full of Gothic, Roman and Baroque style building. It is the scenery line of Shanghai, and the mark of Shanghai. 

       In the early 1930s, the bund is just like the Wall Street in China, full of Banks, securities, department stores, it was then the financial center of all Asia. 

       Nanjing Road is the main business center for Shanghai, and also the leader of the department store and the Retail business of China. it is the first city that use the escalator in the store, the first city that introduce the four biggest department store from overseas into China and the first city that use air-con in the store.


Chinese Acrobats


       According to the archaeology, Acrobats in China can be trace back to 2000 years ago, that proves the passion and talent of Chinese people to acrobats. Shanghai is one of the hometowns of the modern acrobats; Shanghai Acrobats Team has won hundreds of golden prize in the world Acrobats Festival and donated many new technology and programs to the world acrobats


DAY 08 Shanghai


Main Activities: visit Oriental Pearl Tower

                            Visit Shanghai Museum

                            Visit Jade Buddha Temple

                            Mandarin Yu Garden & Old Town of Shanghai

Meals: B/L/D

Hotels: Hotel in Shanghai

Transportation: automobile



Oriental Pearl Tower


       Like the ‘Black Pearl’ to Captain Jack, Oriental Pearl is the proud to the Shanghainese too; it is the key evidence that proved Shanghai already international metropolitans in Asia and in the World.

         This tower was built in 1994, with 467.9 meters high; this is now the highest tower in Asia and 3rd highest in the world. Take the high-speed lift; at 267 meters high, there you will chose to have dinner at the highest restaurant in Asia, and continue, you will finally get the 360 meters point, where one can have a fantastical panoramic view of Shanghai by day or night.


Shanghai Museum


       Shanghai Museum originally was built in 1952, in 1992, the government decided to move the museum to the city center.

       Served as one of the very important international port and Financial Center in old China, Shanghai Museum has now more than 120,000 pieces of antiques that reflect many aspects of Shanghai from the pre-History to today’s life.


Jade Buddha Temple


       Situated in the north of Shanghai, Jade Buddha Temple is a Song Dynasty style building for the Buddhism which was first built in 1882.

       A respect Buddhist master from Putuo Mountain, Huigen, after his pilgrimage from Tibet, via India to Myanmar, he decided to use the most precious material: Jade, to carve the Buddha images to bring them back to Putuao mountain: birthplace of his religious life, to show his loyalty. After finished, he left one piece of Jade sitting Buddha and one piece of Jade laying Buddha for Shanghai to thank the millionaire who donates him the money to do this thing. Thus, this temple was named the “Jade Buddha Temple”


Mandarin Yu Garden & Old Town of Shanghai


       Madarin Yu Garden is a typical Chinese Garden with small pond, Fake Mountain, pavilions, houses and zigzag bridges. This garden was built in about 400 years ago by an officer as a present for his father.

       Yu Garden is now a place where you will not just see the art of Chinese garden but also some kind of City market, where you may enjoy also the Shanghai Snack food and the typical souvenirs from Shanghai.


 DAY 09 Shanghai


Main Activities: Transfer to the Expo Garden

Whole day visit the Expo Garden on your own

Meals: B/-/-

Hotels: Hotel in Shanghai

Transportation: automobile


Shanghai Expo


       ‘Better City, Better Life’, Shanghai Expo, China hold from 1st May to 31st October, is by far the biggest Expo in the past 40 international Expo, and this is also the first time that Expo comes to China. From a visitor to a host, the Expo has witness the development and strong of this 5000 years kingdom.


DAY 10 Shanghai Departure


Main Activities: Transfer back to airport for your own international departure

Meals: B/- /-

Hotels: N/A

Transportation: automobile



       Transfer back to Airport for the departure [the international ticket will be on your on arrangement]. The end of our service. We wish you a pleasant journey with us.


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