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   Why choose us

  1) Our company and the crew are originating from Kunming, Yunnan. Thus we are the expert of West China, especially Yunnan.

  2) We’ve been doing the inbound travelling of the westerners to Yunnan, West China for decades, that makes us one of the most experienced crew in Yunnan in terms of organizing the trip, designing the tour and no barrier communicating.

  3) We have built a good and strong relationship and mutual trust with tour suppliers in Yunnan and West China, such as the air company, the ground office in small town, the auto company and the local government. Therefore, the safety and reliable trip can be fully provided to our clients, the best price is also available only for our clients.

  4) After a long time in doing such business, we also have had a various tour wholesalers from overseas that could provide us the long term and stable technical and human resources support.

  5) Our crew consists of Han and other minorities that makes the better and deep understanding of the local tribes, so we can provide more information and more intensive trip to see and know the life of the minorities.

  6) We have own a strong guide team that with English, French, Italian and Germen speaking guide worked for us for at least 10 years.

   About Us

  Dear travelers

  Welcome to the Yunnan Road Travel Co. family.

  We are a professional tour company based in Kunming, Yunnan, West China that has been doing the westerners’ inbound tour to Yunnan, West China for over 20 years.

  Our team including tour operators and guides are all from local mixed with Han and other minorities, which made the newest and first handed information of the destination can be provided as soon as possible.

  By far, we have received over 10 thousand westerners to come to visit Yunnan and West China, who are mainly from USA, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, SPAIN and ISREAL.

  We are also very good at designing and organizing special and intensive tours in Yunnan and West China as well. We have successfully operated many such as the inspection of high mountain plants, hiking and horsing in the valley, biking in the village, and professional photographing around Yunnan etc.

How to keep in touch with us:

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TEL: 86 871-3589 634 Mr. Xiaowei Ma
        86 871-3589 534 Ms. Cuihong Susan Xu
        86 871-3589 632 Mr. Yunpeng Tom Song

FAX: 86 871-358 9631

   Terms & Conditions

  This Terms & Conditions has govern the relationship between us (this web site owner and any organizations concerned) and you (whoever using and visiting any item and service that we  provide by this web site that we owned, or any organizations concerned)

  Using of this web site will be considered that you’ve come to an agreement of this Terms & Conditions automatically

  The contents of this Term & Conditions subject to change and will be automatically effect all the contents and services that we ( provide, and all these changing may not be advanced notified.

  Therefore in order to make your exploring of our web site, using of our online service and booking our product smoothly and clearly, Please read this information below(terms & Conditions) carefully:

  Please make sure you understand your obligation and rights and our obligations and rights while using our website by reading this Term & Conditions


  All rates are quoted in US dollars

  Converting rate is 1 USD= 6.8 RMB

  Quotations included

  All services and facilities that mentioned in individual itinerary 

  All the price of the tour that we published subject to change due to the different sales season (such as busy season, off season) or other force majeure. please contact us for the actual price.

  Quotations Exclusive:

  All your personal spending such as laundry, mini bar, shopping, telex etc

  All meals drinks not mentioned in the program

  Tips for the service such as guide, driver, hotel porter, stock pier porter (3-5$ per person/per day

  All services not mentioned in individual itinerary

  Reservation and Confirmation

  All booking requests are normally replied in 24 hours or other time that mentioned by returning e-mail or other method that requested.

  Policy on Children

  Children of 12 years and over are treated as adults with accordance to international practice.

  Children of 2 to 11 years enjoy 50% discount on transport, guide assistance and extra mileage but no discount on hotel accommodation and entry fee.

  Infants pay 10% of airfares and enjoy free of charge status supposed they share beds with adults.

  Payment & Deposit

  1. General

  20% of total cost will be paid 90 days before as deposit by PayPal or other method you prefer.

  100% of the cost will be paid 45 days before the departure

  2. How to make a reservation?

  You can make a reservation by submitting enquiry forms by fax or by email. We can ensure you that we will reply to you within 24 hours (except on weekend). Even on major holidays in China, we have someone in the office every day who will handle your inquiry.

  Following are our website, phone number, fax and email address:



  Email address:

  3. How long do I need to make the reservation?

  We recommend you make the reservations three months prior to your departure date. But if you want to come on May, September and October when are the tourist peak seasons, better place the reservation as early as possible. Late reservation can not be guaranteed because of the critical room spaces of hotels and flights especially during the peak season. But we are capable to take late reservation and we will try our best to help you succeed your travel arrangement. We encourage you to call us directly by telephone if your reservation is very late.

  4. When can I get confirmation?

  We will proceed your booking order immediately once we have received the "Payment Guarantee" Fax from you, and inform you the confirmation of hotels and flights within 2-3 days. All of the proposed hotels, flights in our itinerary and quotation are for your reference and subject to the availability at the time of booking. We reserve the right to change the hotels and flights in case they can not be confirmed or revise the itinerary because of the change of flights or any other reasons. But we will inform ASAP if there is such change and ask for your approval before securing the booking.

  5. How can we pay?

  If you pay us prior to the arrival in China, we suggest you pay us by wire transfer. When you are in China, we accept cash and traveler's checks. We highly recommend you pay by wire transfer to our account.

  6. How can I do a wire transfer as you require?

  Wire transfer, also called cable transfer can be done at almost all banks. What you need to do is to go to a bank and fill in a form to provide the bank with our account information, which will be provided to you beforehand by us. Then the bank staff will do the rest, and remit the payment to us. The most important thing is to fill in the form carefully following our information and the form's instructions. If you have any questions about this you may ask the bank clerk.

  7. What guarantee do we have if we send our money to your bank by wire transfer?

  Actually we understand your worries to book a tour online. Any worries are reasonable. We will inform you once we receive you payment by email or fax. Also we will fax you the receipt of your payment. But we know that is not enough.In China every travel agent is imposed to deposit a certain amount of money to a guarantee fund at the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). We deposited RMB1,600,000.00 (about USD200,000) at the account of the China National Tourism Administration as our quality guarantee fund in case of guest complaints. So we have to serve our guests as your itinerary states. Otherwise our fund would be deducted and refunded to you if the complaints meet any breaches of items of the tourist law. Please keep the receipt your bank gives you if you wire transfer a deposit.

  8. What is your bank account?

  Beneficiary:  Yunnan Road Travel Company Limited

  Add:  Room 1110, King World International Hotel, 96 Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

  Bank Name:  China Construction Bank, Kunming Xinxing Sub-Branch

  Bank Address: 404 Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China


  Accounting No.:  5301 4005 4002 2100 1430 (US dollars only)

  Accounting No.:  5303 3005 4002 2100 1440 (Euros only)


  Cancellation will be confirmed only by written notice (such as e-mail or fax), any oral notice (such as telephone) will not be accepted

  The day we receive the written notice from you will be regarded as the day of the effective date of cancellation according to Beijing time

  Prepaid deposit will be charged as penalty when a cancellation is made:

  --Up to 45 days prior to departure: 100 $ US per person;

  -- 45-15daus prior to departure: 200 $ US per person;

  --14-3 days prior to departure: 50% of the full payment.

  Air tickets Cancellation Policy will refer to the Air Company

  After the tour started, you will not get any refund if you give up the tour for any private reason


  Some adjustment of the programs of the tour that we published may occurred due to the different sales seasons (such as busy season, off season) or other force majeure

  Hotel accommodation

  All prices listed (if mentioned) in this website are per person in U. S. dollars based on two adults sharing one twin bedded room, double occupancy. A customer who travels alone is required to pay a single room supplement. Those who want to have a single room will have to pay single supplement. Children under 12 share room with adult and no bed provided


  Certain parts of the tour are provided by concerned airlines, hotels, transport operators and local tourist offices operating independently. CWW tours is, therefore, not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused thereby to the tourists including those occurring outside of the normal touring programs. Additional expenses incurred due to delay, accidents, natural disaster, political actions and unrest shall be borne by the tourist. Programs, prices, services, and conditions are based on those valid at the time of printing hereof and are consequently subject to change without advance notice before or during the tour. Participation in the tour implies the tourists’ acceptance of the above conditions.


  Please make sure you already have the proper passport and visa type and the valid date of your visa.

  Please make sure you have had the proper insurance for travelers

  Please make sure you have fully aware the risks and dangers you may encountered during the tour

   Privacy Policy

  This privacy policy is a legal document that discloses how we retains, processes, discloses, and purges customer's data.

  How we collect your personal information

  When you access to our web site, visiting or using any function of this web site your IP address will be automatically recorded in order to sort the resource and provide convenience.

  Some of our web site needs to be resisted, such as the community and the tour booking, your personal information will be collected under this circumstances.

  How we use your personal information

  The purpose that we keep your personal information is to make our service more targeted.

  And easier to understand the best way to serve and the better product to provide.

  How we protect your personal information

  We will never share any of your personal information with the third party without your own written or oral permission.

  We work on the protection of the safety of our database in order to keep your personal information safety.


  We will not guarantee the safety of your personal information if you share it with the third party.

  According to the local law & policy we may reveal your information under the request of the government department concerned.

  we will not take any responsibility in case of the leak of your personal information caused by unforced majeure.

  How you can access or change your personal information

  You totally possess your own rights of using, changing, or sharing your personal information with the third party.

  You may check, visit, change your personal information under any circumstances.


  We have been running the westerners inbound travel business in Yunnan as well as southwest China for decades, if you are facing the problem that list below, it might be good for you to think about becoming our partners.

  1. You don’t have anything special on the products you have in your hand in terms of the tour in China.

  2. You want to have more information for your clients about southwest China especially Yunnan.

  3. You are still looking for a reliable ground travel company for your group who come to visit Yunnan and concerned area.

  4. You want to expend your business on to southwest of China.

  What we can provide

  1. As our partner, we can be treated as the branch office in the local area of your company.

  2. 24/7 technical and human support, that makes all the problem can be solved A.S.A.P, and question can be answered A.S.A.P.

  3. We will provide you the newest updating of all the information of the destination at short intervals.

  4. We will provide the priority on all the service for our partner, including guide, vans, accommodations etc.

  Our Promise

  1. We will never soliciting any clients of our partners.

  2. The price we provide is a net price that you can sell directly in your market.

  3. The direct contact that happened between your clients and us only involved in information provide, problem solved and question answered.

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