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Yunnanlocated in the southwest of China, situated on the 7th biggest province in this ancient kingdom. It extended about 390,000 square km of the territory covered with enormous natural resources and human race. It borders on Sichuan, Guizhou province to the northeast, Tibet Tibetan Autonomous Region to the northwest within China, and share the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam out of China. 94% of the total area covered with high mountains and deep valleys, Yunnan has the god given environment for the beautiful nature.
54 nationalities live together in China, half of them inhabited in the deep of the snow mountains and rain forest of Yunnan, for the thousands years of being isolated from the outside world, these minorities has still kept the most mysterious way of life, the most colorful costumes and the most primitive festival. Kingdom of plants, living fossil of human society development, most authentic part of China. With all these titles, Yunnan has become a must and hot place for one to come to visit China.
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